Brain Visuals


Your brain, that’s you right?


Forget ‘you’, I want to talk about your brain.

The thing that you think you are.

Or that you think, your brain thinks you are.



What is your brain doing right now…?

You don’t know?

Your brain does.


While you’re making music,

your brain could make,


more than you, think

We are our brain.

Our brain forms all of our characteristics, thoughts, ideas, behaviour and choices. Everything that we make, is made by our brain. Would that mean that our brain is capable of creating something without the interference of a person? That our brain could make something without our influence? In what other way can we put our brainpower to use?


This thought experiment has lead to 'more than you think'. A project where the brain of an artist is making a movie, while the artist himself is making music.


The purpose of more than you think is to communicate a philosophical thought about the capabilities of our brain, to a broader audience, people who don’t necessarily think about this topic. Now the audience can experience the mind of their idol in another way. And in a subtle manner challenged to think about our brain.

Concept, producer, director: Thijs Mosterman

Artist: Joost Maaskant (MAASK)

Director of Photography, grading: Stefan Mandersloot

Sound design: Bart Kalkman

Many thanks to:

Joost Kraan

Dennis Neumann

Marieke de Graaf

About Space

Studio Bilder

Dana de Rooij

Felix Kops

Jolien Koezen