Cows Exhaust The World


This project was made in collaboration with Tom Rentmeester and my mom.


Making sure the world stops eating beef in order to improve the climate isn’t an easy task, it involves everyone on the planet. In order to get everyone moving it’s important to first raise awareness of the problem.


Most people don’t associate cows with a bad climate. They do associate car exhausts with a bad climate. The Cows Exhaust The World campaign connects these things in a light hearted and humorous fashion.


We created an elastic cow that can be put on the exhaust of a car. As soon as the car turns on it’s engine the cow starts producing the sound of farts. Next to this will be a bumper sticker with the url of the campaign website: (fictional). The website shares further information of the climate problem.


With one simple item we’ve visualised what cows do to the environment in a way everybody understands immediately.