This project was made in Fabrica in collaboration with Tom Rentmeester and Andri Bastiaanssen.


There are around 600 million house cats in the world. And like we all know, cats are hunters, and they hunt bird. The amount of cats hunting birds is too much for the bird population to handle. The cat population needs to decrease in order to remain the balance.


At a 3 day exchange in Fabrica, we were assigned with the brief: "Make cats unpopulair"


The source of the problem are not the cats itself, but the people who own cats. People think cats are cute and lovable. So we need to change this image. The popularity of the cat is caused by cat hype taking place on the internet, so it has to be solved on the internet. That’s why we choose this an edgy tone of voice and used a consumer insight what cat owners face every day.


We change the lovable image of the cat to a disgusting image. Doing so will make the cat owners look raccapriciante.


We gave cat owners the permission to share imagery of their cat’s meow. Ofcourse they wont do it themselves. Yet it’s ammunition for internet trolls to make a fool out cat owners.