NRC Charity Awards – First price


In a collaboration with the NRC and the WdKA I was assigned to make a 2/1 print advert for ‘Stichting Bite Back’, a foundation that pleads for animal wellbeing.

The goal of this advert was to get people thinking about meat consumption, and persuade them to become vegan.


My approach was to focus on one example, that only a few people know about. And communicate this insight in a unconventional way.


HANENPAP is an invented word that translates to ROOSTER GOO. The definition is: “Shredded rooster chicks, waste product of the egg industry”


On the right is a bodycopy in Dutch that translates to:

Why are some animals loved while others are being mindlessly slaughtered?

Because the egg industry has no purpose for roosters, they shred and gas 45 million newborn roosters a year.

Every animal has a right to live

Stichting Bite Back stands for the rights of all animals.

Animals have a value of their own, regardless of the use for man. Animals are living, feeling creatures that are capable to feel pain, fear and stress, just like humans.

Look for animal friendly, egg-free products on wwww.heelijkplantaardig.be

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